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Military Pay Raise for 2014 is 1.0%
(1962 Pay Rase 0.00%)

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To get the FULL Pay tables for 2014.


This site is revolved around helping solders.

If you DIDN'T know front leaning rest, basically means the 'push up' position.
Here we will show you different ways on how you improve your physical fitness and overall health.


We are still expanding, due to our expansion, please excuse our dust while we finish the construction of the site.


Here you can/will find information that is backed up by regulations. If you are a new solder, or an old solder, we will strive to show everyone something they didnít know, or forgot about. We will try to keep up with ant changes to the uniforms, pay or anything else that can affect you.


New soldiers - The Military is a new life, no matter how you take it. Read up on the random regulations, that can get you in hot water. The Army usually goes by, be in the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform.


Old soldiers - Yeah youíve been around the block, but are you unable to find the right words, or regs to get that shammer punished? Take a look, at the regulations page, Iím sure you might have forgotten about some of these.


Officers - Basically, we know you have tons of information up in the that brain, itís OKAY we know you sometimes need, plain olí English and a no nonsense type of atmosphere we try to keep here.

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